Reservoir pens were available in Europe in as early as 17th century though the progress in development of reliable ink pens was quite sluggish until the mid-19th century due to the misinterpretation of roles played by air pressure in the smooth operation of the pen. Plus, most of the inks were abound in corrosive and sedimentary inclusions. The Romanian pen inventor Petrache Poenaru received the French patent for his creation of first fountain pen on 25th May, 1827 with a barrel made from a big swan quill. If you are thrilled with this brief history of ink pens, you can consider getting yourself the high-end Japanese fountain pens that themselves speak of class and elegance.

Improving the hand writing

Fountain pens are the choicest preference of many people around the world, and it is a general opinion that the finest of people appreciate the beauty of perfectly crafted gorgeous ink pens. Some people choose to write with premium Japanese fountain pens not because they are compelled to, but because writing with these pens makes them feel good. It is also a popular belief that writing with ink pens makes the handwriting appear neat and dainty. When you are writing with the pen with delicate fountain pen nibs, it is very likely that you will pay attention to each and every minute detail like whether the ascenders and descenders are all in the same form and whether the entire thing looks presentable.

An endless variety of ink colours

If you are too bored with those same-old  blue, black and red ink colours, then there is good news for you. There is an immense variety of ink colours starting from greens to violet, from eosin to sky-blue and many others. The properties like smoothness, shading, saturation, permanence and water resistance vary from colour to colour, but you can hardly run out of choices with the ink colours when you buy luxury fountain pens.

A pen for every situation

With the ink pens, you can get virtually a relentless variety of designs, patterns, materials and body colour. You can also choose between several fountain pen tips to ensure you get pens to write with in all moods. Whether it is an ink pen with a vintage look and feel or an ultra-modern design pen – there are actually several designs and materials of fountain pens, which imply that you can get something perfect for you regardless of what your choice and demands are.

A great feeling

Unlike those cheap disposable ball point pens or even the modern gel pens, the Japanese fountain pens are designed and crafted to make you feel great when you are holding it. Most of these premium quality pens are devised with a contoured grip section with a substantial weight of the pen that helps in offering a matchless comfort and convenience. Some of these pens are even made from exclusive materials that add to the glamour and value of the ink pen.

Thus with a fountain pen, you can hope to enhance your penmanship and create an impression among your onlookers.