The term White Card is referenced a lot of times to individuals seeking for employment especially in Australia. It is a mandatory requirement for workers in the field of construction within this country. Even a person holding a work permit who is visiting the country for only a short time-period would require obtaining one from the relevant authorities before commencing with work. No one is allowed to operate within a construction site without possessing a White Card. This term commonly refers to the Work Safely in the Construction Industry training course designated as CPCCOHS1001A. Being in possession of a valid WA white card as an example, implies that the holder has completed official industrial training in certified general construction with an accredited organization within Western Australia.

People Who Require White Cards

NSW lists down a number of regulations concerning the individuals who for example need a WA white card or that issued anywhere else within Australia before starting to work there. These individuals include:

  • Construction labourers
  • Site managers
  • Surveyors
  • Tradespeople
  • Supervisors
  • People who gain unaccompanied or unsupervised access operational construction zones
  • Workers who enter operational construction zones on routine basis

A training course for acquiring a WA white card for instance covers general safety requirements regarding an operational safety site. A majority of worksites prefer the worker to have completed such training face-to-face, as opposed to undertaking it online, for them to ensure that the set requirements have been met.

Various Aspects of White Card Training

A training course for White Cards administered within Western Australia by example is tailored to inform the leaner with the legal workplace requirements for health and safety when operating at a construction site. In such case, one can find WA white card training available locally and look forward to learning several things, among which are:

  • How to identify safety hazards
  • How to report safety issues on a workstation
  • What measures need to be taken to cut down risk of injury or accident
  • How to respond correctly to a health and safety incident at that workplace

When attending a WA white card training course for instance, one may play audience to various videos and presentations. This comes along with participating in class activities. The prospective worker can also expect a test/assessment that one must pass for them to receive the White Card. It is highly recommended that someone have basic understanding of English at the very least for them to follow course material and pass the test administered at the end.

Soon after completing White Card training, one gets a Statement of Training that allows one to start working straight away on a construction site found anywhere within Australia. If acquiring it within Western Australia for example, the individual then gets registered with the WorkCover authority of state for issuance of the plastic WA white card for, followed by posting of the worker’s address within 60 days. One’s certification remains valid unless one fails to work in the construction industry for a period of not less than two years.