Two questions for you: do you and your little boy or girl live around the Cairns region of Queensland, Australia? And is your kid not older than 8 years old? If both of your answers are yes, then you should enroll your child in a good child care Cairns has to offer. There are adventures that awaits for your child! Not just games, but real and authentic learning he or she will carry for life. Dear parents, making decisions is tough but this is worth your while!

Education in Cairns

Cairns is rich with education hubs catered not only to the local Australian but to the international student wanting to study English in the Cairns region. With the K-12 education system, they are made ready for the real world with enough skills and knowledge to beat the wave. But before entering K-12, your young child should experience a play-centered learning in one of the centres of child care Cairns has available. It will serve as a strong and basic foundation in their physical, emotional and cognitive growth towards human development.

Developing The Self

A child care education system is the best fit for children ages 3 to 8 years old, where their development relies on the exploration of interests, taking on minor roles and learning to socialize with other peers. Establishing a learner-centered or a child-centered approach, it targets the child’s whole being, hence, developing the self through learning. According to sociologist George Herbert Mead, learning comes in three: language, games and role play.

Learning Through Play

Like Mead, the theory of play-centered learning by Jean Piaget can enhance your child’s intelligence, skills and sociability. Kids in early childhood stage are at their preoperational stage wherein they are yet to perform any operations but rather, they have stable concepts about things. In Piaget’s theory, play is a crucial part in letting children experience these concepts by representing objects through pretend play or by drawing, painting and scribbling. This makes learning more fun than more talk and fortunately, you can find a wonderful child care Cairns centre today.

What You Can Expect For Your Child

A child enroled in child care centres will possess the ability to be creative, sociable, intuitive, and responsible as he or she journeys with his or her peers in exploring play learning with the guidance of professional and caring teachers. A child-centered education will allow your child to engage in active learning so he or she wouldn’t be bored with the boring lectures and piles of uninteresting homework. The outcome of child-centered learning will be the child’s ability to create, communicate, think and lead not only the self but also others.

Teaching Farther And Further

The Lady Gowrie Child Centre is an organization which offers child-centered learning across Australia: in Brisbane, Cairns, and child care centres Gold Coast area. You can type in Google or other search engines for ‘child care centres near me’ to look for nearby child care centres that you can enquire and visit.

Brisbane, Cairns and child care Gold Coast centres are not the limit. The Lady Gowrie Child Centre contains long daycare, community kindergarten and early years child care Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns all over Australia. You can visit this link for more info and precise locations: